made weak by time and fate



onlyvisitingthisplanet said: :'( you are so lovely, andrea. bringin' tears to my eyeesss

Oh Jovi you sweet babe I love you so!!!!! 💋💋💝💍💍


Anonymous said: Do you think that taking someone back (if it's not been some kind of mutual arrangement) can ever work? Like if one half has wanted a change, but then decides otherwise? I hope you are more happy soon ✌

Nothing will work and no one will be happy if both parties aren’t in it 100%. Change can happen and be great, but will fail if it’s not worked out together evenly. Thank you💋


Tedious. #wip


Anonymous said: All this talk of chips, what kind?

Any chip going into my mouth.


Anonymous said: What color are your eyes ?



Hazen and Tilly - September 2014


Eating a $16 poutine. Judge me.